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Nearly 500 million users of mobile coupons technology are shopping smart each year. The number is growing fast especially within groups of people familiar with clipping out coupons printed in newspapers or commercial newsletters. Mobile coupon codes will eventually replace their printed on the paper predecessor. Mobile coupons allow you to shop smarter wherever you go with your Android smartphone or iPhone. No need to print to redeem coupons for maximum comfort of the shopping experience. New applications of mobile promo codes emerge each day. Technology entered another level of initiation allowing people to save time and money with mobile coupons available through apps. will helpfully assist you to embrace the future now.

Text / Texting:

You will often find old-fashioned offers posted by retailers in the window or on their website encouraging you to contact the dealer for special offers. All you have to do is to follow their directions, take action, write a text message, receive a reply and show it to the sales representative at the store you wish to make a purchase with to redeem the special offer. Sometimes you will be asked to become a member of a certain brand’s text club where you can join promotions requiring you to undertake some kind of texting action in order to access special deal and offers that will be made available to you by means of a special message sent to the club members.

Promo codes / QR Codes:

Strangely looking squares you can see more often recently in the store windows, newspapers, magazines as well as on outdoor advertising billboards. Levels of saturation of smartphone possession within nations reached a point where literally everybody has at least one device like that in his or her pocket. Great Barcode Reader or QR Code Reader apps are easily available for anyone holding a modern phone. Merchants are takingadvantage of this opportunity embracing the technological news like QR codes.  This advertising medium allows you to download the mobile coupon directly to your phone and thus redeem the coupon at the retailer’s cash register. Nowadays, barcodes can also be scanned with the same reader as QR codes which means almost every modern cellular phone (smartphone or iPhone) is able to scan both types of codes. Those codes can also be used to direct and attract more traffic to the retailers website where more special deals and coupon codes are made available to those who follow.

Email / Newsletters:

A good quality mailing list is one of the most respected tools in every modern marketer’s hands. It is still one of the best commercial and advertising channels used by companies to communicate with their loyal base of customers. Also, this medium allows merchants to deliver latest promo coupon codes (barcodes, rebate codes, QR codes) directly to their customers email inboxes. Once in their inbox, the digital code can be easily accessed on a phone and redeemed at the cash register. Sales representative simply scans the digital version of the coupon just as he or she would do with a traditional printed coupon.