Where and how do I find online coupon codes?

Retailers tend to make their coupons available on both their websites as well as on associated sites like CoupoNinjas. E-mailing coupons is also considered as a very efficient way to distribute them. However, the easiest way to find a coupon code you are looking for is through a search engine of your choice. If you prefer using Google simply type Coupon Code and click the search button. You will be shown a list of sites that provide coupon codes to customers. You can now visit those sites and even compare potential savings. Once you decide on where and what you are willing to buy you may try searching the web for rebate coupons that will save money on your purchase. That is the essence of smart shopping online. You can also try different methods that also utilize the power of a search engine, like typing the name of the seller and with the phrase “coupon codes” e.g. Best Buy coupon codes, eBay coupon codes or Amazon coupon codes.

How do I use a coupon code?

Usually, a type box where you can enter your coupon code is located in the checkout section of most of the internet stores. It is also possible that it is located in the cart so before you check out please make sure that you have identified the place to enter the coupon code properly. Smart shoppers are always very cautious looking around a store for the coupon code submit place.

Did the coupon code work as I expected?

Literally, all online stores show their customers a billing page with all the merchandise added to the cart with the intention to buy it. This is usually the checkout part of the purchasing process. If the coupon code was entered properly the amount of money that is supposed to be paid should be showing a proper price reduction or as some call it “price markdown”.

Please note that shipping fees may apply making the final price respectively adjusted. Before you submit the coupon please make sure you know what the shipping fee is and that you agree to that amount.

In case a random error occurs and the coupon code doesn’t work, please try contacting the store’s customer service for the fastest possible reply before you finish your purchase. A bit of patience can save you a lot of money.

The coupon code isn’t working. What do I do with bad coupon code?

Usually, an expiration date shown on the coupon code will let you know if the coupon is still valid. Make sure you are using a valid coupon code within its validity period. Unfortunately, some stores may decide on discontinuing any promotion that the coupon codes were designed for making the coupons available online invalid. So, if one promo code doesn’t work you may consider checking another one. You can also contact us and tell us about not working coupons!